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Washing Bamboo Cot Sheets

  • We recommend hand washing or on a gentle machine cycle using cold water.
  • We recommend washing separately from other materials, especially towels and blankets, to avoid lint and fluff. Also avoid washing with articles which have zippers, hooks (etc.) As these can cause pilling and abrasion.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent. (Liquid detergent is best, as it distributes evenly through the sheets.)
  • Avoid using a fabric softener and any bleaching agent. Baking soda and vinegar mix is a good alternative to remove stains.
  • We recommend line drying. And if using a dryer then on a low heat, using a delicate cycle and making sure the temperature is no higher than 30 degrees. It is important to remove the bamboo sheets immediately once dry.
  • The bamboo sheets come with a reusable and breathable bamboo bag that can used for neat sheet storage.
  • Cool iron preferred. Warm iron is the maximum temperature that should be used.


Washing Swaddles

  • We recommend swaddles are hand washed as they are made from delicate fabrics. Understandably Mums get very busy, so a gentle machine wash with cold water can act as an alternative. 
  • We recommend separate washing from other materials, especially towels and blankets to avoid lint and fluff. Do not wash with zippers, hooks (etc.) As these items can cause pilling and abrasion.
  • We recommend line drying. If using a dryer, use the air cycle. No heat.
  • Ironing swaddles is not recommended due to their delicate fabrics.
  • Do not dry clean or bleach.
  • Please keep your swaddle away from fire.


Safety with Flat Sheets

Please ensure while using flat sheets, that they are tucked securely into the cot mattress, no higher then mid-chest (never close to the face or covering the head.) Babies do tend to move often through the night and flat sheets or blankets can easily move also. During pregnancy there are often classes run at your local hospital or through your midwife/ obstetrician/ doctor of care or insight; this is where you should be taught how to ensure your baby is placed in the advised place in the cot and tucked in correctly and the flat sheets and/ or blanket/s are tucked into the right place in the cot also. Please observe SIDS guidelines and once your baby is active, ensure their cot is set up adequately for them to move without any disturbances from cot sheets/ flat sheets or blankets covering them dangerously (disturbing breathing.) 

We care about babies and safety at Joey + Pup and being Mums ourselves; your baby’s safety is especially on the forefront of our process, during our product design and testing. We thank you for ensuring to observe safe cot practices, SIDS guidelines and safe sleep guidelines and we are excited to provide a beautiful quality sheet set product for your precious little one. 


How to Swaddle your Baby 

We recommend reading this article about how to safely wrap your baby.

There are many ways to swaddle your baby, the raising children network also provides an illustration of how to swaddle your baby; this is one of their methods. Your midwife will also teach you how to wrap your baby. And after doing it just a few times... you'll get very good at it!


Where is Joey + Pup Located?

We are based in Perth, Western Australia.


Who founded Joey + Pup

Two Perth based mums, Nicolette and Ivy.